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On My Bookshelf

Following are some key reference books which have significantly influenced how I build guitars, and which I refer to on a regular basis:

Guitarmaking - Tradition and Technology

By William R. Cumpiano and Jonathan D. Natelson. This book has been described as the "Bible" for luthiers. It has set the standard for instructional texts on guitar building.

Make Your Own Electric Guitar (second edition)

By Melvyn Hiscock. Mr. Hiscock's explanations of guitar electronics is clear and understandable. This book is to electric guitar builders what Cumpiano and Natelson's (see above) is to acoustic builders.

Musical Instrument Makers Forum

Sysop: Charlie Schultz. This is not a book, but rather a treasure-trove of ideas, techniques, and inspiration as provided by the generous sharing of experiences amongst luthiers who help one another on this most wonderful online forum.

Steel-String Guitar Construction

By Irving Sloane. Mr. Sloane's book was the first book on luthierie that I bought. The section on 12-string construction is particularly instructive in building a 12-string guitar.

Pearl Inlay

By James E. Patterson. As you can see from the photos of my guitars, I appreciate fine pearl inlay. I used Mr. Patterson's techniques as described in this book to do the inlay that you see depicted.

The Big Red Book of American Luthierie, Volumes 1 to 6

By Guild of American Luthiers. This series brings together all past issues of the Guild's primary publication, American Luthierie. Like the MIMF, this publication is the result of many excellent luthiers willingly sharing their experiences with one another.

Guitarmaker - The Journal of Stringed Instrument Construction & Repair

By the Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans. Their quarterly magazine is typically chock full of tips and ideas for building stringed instruments.